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App created in Shiny by Juan David Leongómez · 2023
Code available on GitHub · Versión en Español

GNU General Public License v3.0 | DOI

This Shiny app gets publucations and citation information from Google Scholar using the scholar R package, and plots both the citations per publication (including h- and g-index; panel A), as well as the number of publications and citations per year (including total number of citations; panel B).

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Graphical options

Note: alternatively, you can paste the name (e.g. blue) or HEX value (e.g. #008080) of a colour

Filter publications

I recommend doing some maintenance of your profile before creating this plot. This may include, for example, merging duplicates and making sure that all relevant information, including year, is complete and accurate.

Publications without date are automatically excluded from plots (but not from the total citation count). However, because the quality of the plot will be limited by the quality of the data, I have added an option to exclude publications reported as published before a certain year.